Joy Sumyi Lee is, simply put, an extraordinary combination of patience, skill, overwhelming passion and talent, coupled with an amazing ability to bring out the best in every single one her students, without exception.  On top of this, she is selfless and consistently committed to charitable causes, which distinguishes her as a special breed of humanity, and brings her to a level achieved by few.  Over the course of 10 years, she has transformed our son from a shy yet inquisitive child with a basic desire to play the piano, to what some would describe as a virtuoso… We are indebted to her beyond description. – William Halkiw

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Joy for 3 years and you won’t find a more loving, patient and supportive teacher. She makes learning fun and her encouragement keeps my daughter coming back. We love JOY! – Donna Lidster

It has been an absolute pleasure having Joy Sumyi Lee teach my 13-year-old daughter piano for the past four years. Joy is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher whose approach is both encouraging and positive. She combines theory and technique while nurturing a ‘love of music’. Joy also has a wonderful knack of developing her students’ performance confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Joy as an excellent, kind and caring piano teacher. – Catherine Dunn Stadtegger

I started with Joy when I was five years old, and for the past 12 years, she has taught me not only the language of music, but also important life lessons that I carry with me today. She’s helped shape my values and personality, and has had a significant impact on my life! – Evelyn Widner

Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Joy for 6 years. We are extremely happy with Joy’s teaching method and the progress our daughter has made.  In addition to being a gifted pianist, Joy has a natural ability to connect with and motivate her students.  Her kind, patient and encouraging manner have made learning piano enjoyable. Joy’s love of teaching music to her students is evident in every lesson.  We’ve recommended Joy to many of our friends! – Jennifer Fallon-Yurchuk 

My 10-year-old son and I have been taking piano lessons with Joy for 2 years. She is an excellent teacher with both children and adults. Joy is very patient and caring with her students. She is very knowledgeable and skilled at piano. She makes the lessons fun and enjoyable for the kids. Joy sees the strengths and potential in her students and she encourages and nurtures them. She is very encouraging and positive. My son and I both enjoy our lessons with her and look forward to them. My 6-year-old daughter has also started piano lessons with Joy. I would highly recommend Joy to anyone wanting to learn piano without any hesitation.  – Connie Lam

Joy’s gentle, patient teaching style and positive attitude encourages our child’s creative spirit.  – Christy Vuksinic and Rob Malich

Joy is great. I’ve already learned so much from her in just one year.  – Darius Malich

Learning, listening and playing piano transported me to another world. I felt free and passionate with every piece. It was like nothing else mattered except my connection to the melody. You helped me develop a solid technique foundation that has helped me in every piece I play – whether it be pop, jazz or classical. I know that will take me far in my field and I am so thankful for that.

But more than just a classical pianist – you taught me how to be kind, give back and to look at the world differently. Your work with Ratanak, Attawapiskat and Indigenous women was inspiring and knowing that we were playing to raise money for such important causes was so rewarding.

Thank you, Joy. Thank you for every uplifting lesson, every informative theory session and every conversation where I felt like I was talking to a friend. I am not only a better musician because of your training but also a better person – and I am so grateful for that.  – Lauryn Withnell

Over the past ten years, you showed me the beauty of classical music in ways I had never imagined. You helped me understand the importance of each note in a melody and the theory behind how it all comes together. I learned how to put my soul into the music and feel the song throughout my whole body. You pushed me to go beyond my limits and play grade 10 and ARCT level pieces despite my age. Each time I played the piano, it took me to a place of peace and allowed me to escape the stress and confusion of being a teenager. I will remember these years and look back on them fondly. I hope you’re doing well and that we will always stay connected.  – Renee Withnell